Raising up valiant disciples of Jesus

According to the Book of ACTS

The Gospel is the Message, Discipleship is the Mission, and Acts is the Model!

Valiant Ministries International exists to help churches and individuals to make disciples according to the model laid out in the book of Acts. We love to work with individuals, small groups, pastors and other church leaders…anyone interested in transforming themselves into prolific disciple-makers who are full of the Holy Spirit and power.

Our present focus is to distribute teaching material such as videos and books that are used to begin the training process. Visit the store page if you’re interested in the books and manuals that we use. 

Valiant impact is the branch of our ministry that offers national training for the Acts-based life through resources such as manuals and training videos. Visit the valiant impact page for more info.

VMI plants churches that follow the book of Acts model. Our first plant is located and growing in Minneapolis, MN.

Contact us if you’re interested in getting help/training to plant or reform a church according to the methods of the apostles in the book of Acts!

Address: 9220 Bass Lake Rd. Suite 320 New Hope, MN 55428

Resources for Purchase

Click below to access teaching materials for your discipleship and to empower you to disciple others!

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