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What people are saying about Valiant Church:

“The teachings are compelling…you’re motivated to take action.”

– RJ, Medina MN

“I’ve learned more here in two weeks than I have in all my years of going to church.”

– Lori, New Hope MN

9220 Bass Lake Rd. Suite 320, New Hope, MN 55428

Sunday Service: 10:30am

Wednesday Service, Discipleship Training: 7:00pm

Non-denominational church in New Hope, MN.

Children’s Ministry available during

Sunday service (after worship).

Doors open at 9:30am for pre-service prayer, free lattes and snacks served before and after service.

Phone #: 612-501-3004

New Visitor? Here's what to expect:

It’s a high priority in our church to foster a friendly and welcoming community. We want to accurately represent the love of Jesus to you, and create an environment where you feel that God has welcomed you warmly, no matter the condition you’re in. Come as you are.

1. We do not require you to dress a certain way. We dress casually.

2. Our seating, for service, is circular, not theater-style. Auditorium seating is a human tradition that often hinders the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We focus on the Lord and ministering to each other, in all-member participation, which is facilitated through circular seating. We do not gather in such a way that any one man is emphasized.

3. We practice all gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to the pattern spelled out in 1 Corinthians 14. All members are encouraged to speak, ask questions, give words of knowledge or exhortation, etc.

4. We do have a children’s service (for children 10 years old and younger), but we sometimes have the children remain with the adults, since we also encourage kids to practice the gifts of the Spirit, with the adults.

5. We do not (by choice) have a segregated youth service on Sunday. Youth services are a result of cultural tradition, not biblical instruction. We believe that youth are perfectly capable of sitting with their parents. In addition, we encourage parents to explain to their youth, at home, what was taught or experienced during church.

At Valiant Church, you will not be judged or marginalized, but you will hear the truth. Our desire is that you come to know Jesus for who He really is. That being said, the sermons you will hear are straight from the Bible…never from religious, denominational opinion. Our message is foundational, unadulterated, and desperately needed in the church today. Our music is heartfelt and free-flowing. We believe that in visiting Valiant Church, you’ll be immensely impacted by the authenticity and rawness, yet also the passion and zeal that’s involved in the way we do ministry. Communicating the pure truth of God’s Word is our priority.

Our Heart for Ministry

“…Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.”

– Ephesians 2:20-22 –

Our Vision

Valiant Church exists to model a discipleship to the body of Christ that will inspire stagnant believers to follow suit in making disciples biblically, rather than struggling to produce mere converts and church-goers. In the year 2017, a prophetic word was spoken over Valiant Church, that it would be “an example of unity and power to churches all over the nation.”

A Word from our Lead Pastor, David Grams
“It’s my vision for VMI & Valiant Church to facilitate revival in three areas of the Christian calling…revival of personal intimacy with God, revival of unity, and revival of courage in our outreach to our world. I want to see a nation-wide, end-times church reformation.
I want to teach believers that boldness in the way we represent Jesus is not intimidating, but a simple overflow of intimacy with God. As we seek to know Him on a personal level, His Word transforms us—it gives us the ability to truly bear His image, and not just live our lives ‘trying to do better’. Outreach is supposed to be automatic…not an obligation.
I see Valiant Church as a beacon of unity and power in a country that seems to have lost sight of the biblical model for the local church. I want Valiant Church to pioneer a return to the unity and power that was once seen during the time of the Acts of the Apostles…a return to our roots. I want to help change the way America does church…to make it less about entertainment appeal, and purely about the standard of God’s Word for the local church — to cultivate unity that’s rooted in unconditional love and equip believers for an unrestricted lifestyle of ministry in their sphere of influence. Ultimately, VMI focuses on biblical discipleship—not making converts of all nations, but disciples of all nations.
We’re all about preparing the Bride of Christ for the soon arrival of her Groom. We’re about adorning the church in unity, purity, and power. Jesus is coming back soon, and as His Bride, we need to make ourselves ready!”
We are a Temple of the Living God
The Body of Christ–unified together–was designed to function as a community on earth that heaven inhabits. The Bible teaches that the church is the modern-day “temple of the Lord” and a “dwelling place of God”. In other words, unified Christian communities are to operate as an embassy of Heaven. When people walk amongst Christians, it should be as though they walked into a portal to heaven. The way we live should grant everyone around us a first-hand experience of what Heaven is like. That’s what it means to be a temple of the living God. God inhabits us; Heaven is to be culture we live in.

If we are to pray, “God’s will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven“, then we should reasonably expect to live our lives as citizens of Heaven would. If our citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20), then we should live on earth as ambassadors of the world that we come from — Heaven! We should elicit a form of culture-shock in the people we encounter…when unbelievers come in contact with Christians, it should be like they just walked into a totally different world…one with different ethics, different culture, different social values, different government, different laws of nature. Since we’re from another world (Heaven), it should be expected of us to propagate Heaven’s culture in the world in which we are now sojourners. It shouldn’t be a surprise if we’re called freaks, aliens, or weirdos, because we are! We’re not from here!

The vision for Valiant Church is to attain to the standard that God’s Word sets for the Body of Christ…to be the “dwelling place of God” on earth.

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