Student Testimonial – Dave Dvorak

“My wife and I were saved in our late teens and we’re now in our mid-60s. We spent most of those years attached to various veins of modern-day, pop-culture Christianity from small churches to mega churches.  We also got involved in various church work, bible study groups and church activities.

After all of that, we still were very aware that we constantly struggled in our marriage, and life in general. Essentially, we still felt excluded from the life of God when we compared our lives to what we were reading in the New Testament. 

Then we were introduced to David Grams and Valiant ministries and what a ride it has been! Through God’s mercy and grace, we have been able to lay aside many of our cherished, but incorrect, beliefs about God and the Scriptures. But much of this was by no means easy, as if adding new knowledge to a stubborn heart would solve everything. 

It seemed like we were constantly elated by the intensity of the revelation in the teachings.  We heard familiar passages of scripture with new light and gained understanding like never before.  But along with this we found ourselves to be very challenged to take action on the Word.  There were times when we were so afflicted by the Word telling us how to think and what to think, that we almost couldn’t bear it.  There was even a couple of times that we came close to bailing out and going off in search of people that taught what we desired to hear.

I think what made the most difference for us compared to the church experiences we’d had in the past was the example of faith in action that we witnessed in the life of David Grams. Also, David’s close, father-like personal interaction in our lives played a big role.  From question and answer sessions in our public meetings to numerous one-on-one meetings with him, his lifestyle of applying the Word of God helped us to understand the love of God in a deeper way.

Among the biggest changes we are seeing is a fresh new love for others is taking place.  Today, although we certainly haven’t arrived, we have found a great deal of stability, and a lot of the thinking that had caused us to be tossed back-and-forth in our past has been anchored in the Lord Jesus.”