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Below you’ll find the presently available books and worship albums for purchase from Pastor David Grams. More will be made available soon. We appreciate any financial gifts, as your giving helps us spread the Word of God through the distribution of these products.

“The Secret Place of the Most High: A Biblical Guide to Intimacy with God””

We were created to walk in intimate fellowship with God. And life finds its only true fulfillment in such an intimacy. The Bible reveals this personal relationship intended by God from the beginning as the secret place of the Most High – a place of constant, personal communion with the Father. There’s nothing more critical to the Christian walk than a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Just as a husband and wife cannot maintain a successful relationship except by spending consistent time in intimacy with each other, a person cannot maintain a successful walk with God without intimacy with Him. Every famed character of the Scriptures, from Abraham to Christ, have one thing in common: a personal communion with God. Even the Son of God Himself had to depart from the crowds to be with His Father alone. If Jesus had to do it, how much more do we?

“Isn’t His Blood Enough? – The Power of Christ for Emotional Healing and the Deception of Psychiatry”

Even though Christians claim to be separate from the world, it seems that most of us have unwittingly submitted ourselves to the world’s ways of thinking. If we are citizens of heaven and seated with Christ far above the ways of this world, then why do we appear to be victims to the world’s ideologies? So many of us believe that we are what psychology says we are, that we will always struggle with what therapists say we will, and that our mental health was some how not redeemed when Jesus shed His blood. In “Isn’t His Blood Enough?”, David Grams argues, directly from Scripture, that Christians can live above the rules of human psychology. Why? Because, according to the Bible, we are no longer “only human.” We are free from sin, free from the old man, free from the past, and born again new creations in Christ. Therefore, we don’t have to be scarred by our past! The blood of Jesus is all we need! Through this book, you will learn how to appropriate the healing and renewal of your mind that Jesus died to give you. You will be confronted with hard truth, but it’s the truth that sets you free!

“Church – A Business or a Body? : How Religion Prostituted the Body of Christ and the Plan of God to Reclaim It”

Today, when people think of a church, they think of a building and a business, and with it, human ambition, greed, and corruption. Jesus called His church a body, not a business. A body that’s been exploited to serve a religious business is what we call prostitution. It’s unacceptable that the appearance of Christ’s church is one of perversion. And it’s a grievous injustice that Christ’s people are being coerced into the money-game of mainstream Christianity.

This book will expose to you the many perversions of the modern church and then show how, by the description of what God intended for the church, to escape religious trafficking and live into your true calling as a disciple of Jesus! Have you ever wondered what Jesus really meant by calling us His body? His very own flesh and bones? Read this book and find out!

“Heal the Sick: The Indisputable Will of God for Divine Healing” is now available for purchase!

The truths in this book will shake you to the core and challenge beliefs that have been left unquestioned for centuries. The truths herein are simple, straightforward, and free of any subjective interpretation. The author focuses solely on presenting the unadulterated and indisputable meaning of Scripture boldly and succinctly, without mention of any personal experience or opinion. With few words, you will find yourself confronted and convicted by the truly biblical standard of the Christian life.

Through this book, you will be equipped with the divine knowledge that’s necessary to see the power of God flowing through you to heal the sick and set the captive free. In addition, the most commonly asked questions about healing, sickness, suffering and tragedy, and the purpose of the cross are answered with authority.

“Undefiled: Rediscovering the Supernatural Power of Sex as God Intended it” is now available for purchase!

 Any amount of research will tell you that sexuality is one of the most controversial and widely debated topics of our modern world. Even in Christianity, almost no other subject evokes more controversy. People are generally confused, uninformed, indifferent, and uncomfortable when it comes to talking about sex. With the rising popularity of liberalistic sexual orientations and expressions in our culture, it’s crucial that we, as Christians, clearly understand what God says about this often hidden but critically important part of our lives.

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If we’re being honest, the Church has failed at lovingly conveying the wisdom of God concerning this sensitive issue. It’s time to start dealing with the elephant in the room. Sexual immorality appears all over the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, and with quite ruthless judgment from God. This kind of immorality is made out to be exceptionally dangerous. It also seems to be one of the devil’s primary tactics to pervert sexuality, in his efforts to destroy mankind. But why? What is it about sex, namely, its perversion, that makes it such a valuable asset to the enemy? Undefiled will teach you that there is almost nothing else in our natural life, that God has created, that is as spiritually significant and as powerful as sex. Sex was God’s idea, and He made it for a purpose. It’s even a form of worship and a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness. If we understand the purpose of sex, we can heal marriages, protect from heartache, replace confusion with clarity, and ultimately, pave the way for this emerging generation to live in a radically powerful and godly sexuality. Why did God create sex anyway? What should sex look like in a marriage? How does a sex-life become supernaturally powerful? Is sex before marriage sinful? What about homosexuality? What about masturbation? Why is pornography harmful, and how do I break an addiction to it? All these questions and more are answered in this book. Whether you’re a teenager, single, married, divorced, or anything in between, you will benefit greatly from the biblical teaching contained in this book.

Undefiled Discussion Guide

Use this resource to facilitate healthy and effective conversation around biblical sexuality, dating, and marriage. Get your questions answered and your heart established in the truth about sexuality!

Undefiled Small Group Package

This package includes five copies of Undefiled and two copies of the Undefiled Discussion Guide. Get this package to purchase the materials at a discounted price, ready for use in a small group.

The Mighty Man of Valor: God's Definition of Masculinity

A book dedicated to raising up courageous men of God from the men of this generation. This book places special emphasis on the need of every man to recognize Christ as the only perfect model of manhood. It was written to redefine masculinity from a biblical paradigm, so that men would take on the image of Christ and not the image of the world. This world doesn’t need anymore “good men”. It needs mighty men.

The Real Gospel

This insightful but concise book delves into the life-changing revelation of the most basic and essential teaching of Christianity: Christ and Him crucified. Most people have no idea why Jesus had to die on a cross and what it means for them today. Most Christians have been taught a grievously watered-down gospel. Although this book addresses the most basic teaching of Christianity, it sheds new light on the power of the cross — a power that’s been hidden behind religious and cultural traditions for far too long.

Christ and the Church: The Untold Truth About Marriage

Marriage has lost its weightiness in our culture, and unfortunately, even in our churches. If marriage in Christianity is ever to become what it was designed to be, a complete understanding of its purpose must be recovered. Through “CHRIST AND THE CHURCH: THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE,” intended for singles and couples of all ages and stages of life, David Grams invites you to join him in the discovery of the true, biblical purpose and power of marriage, promising that such a discovery will transform your heart and revolutionize your relationships.

Valiant Impact Discipleship

Training Booklets

Discipleship Manual

Bring the healing of the gospel to your city with Valiant Impact Discipleship Training. This Discipleship Manual is the primary instruction resource for our small group training.

Plan of Action (Group Agenda)

This is a short, sample weekly agenda to kickstart your small group discipleship meetings on the right foot and with the right momentum.

Doctrinal Unity Outlines

This booklet provides you and your small group with a set of outlines, comprised of open ended questions, intended to guide you to your own place of agreement on critical, biblical doctrines.

Overseer's Leadership Guide

Ideal for a person who is starting and leading a discipleship small group or house church..everything he/she needs to know about overseeing any number of believers.

Discipleship Manual: Leadership Edition

Ideal for a church/small group leader looking for a concise presentation on how to make disciples from the position of leadership influence.

Worship Music

Made to be Held

An intimate, acoustic-driven worship album featuring poetic lyrics back by a melodic quartet of acoustic guitar, cello, piano and harp. This album is also available on Spotify.


A raw and intimate worship EP album featuring acoustic guitar and vocals, with cello on one song. An album intended to express a communion between Jesus snd His Bride — the Church.