David Grams Ministries

Below you’ll find the presently available books and worship albums for purchase from Pastor David Grams. More will be made available soon. We appreciate any financial gifts, as your giving helps us spread the Word of God through the distribution of these products.

The Mighty Man of Valor: God's Definition of Masculinity

A book dedicated to raising up courageous men of God from the men of this generation. This book places special emphasis on the need of every man to recognize Christ as the only perfect model of manhood. It was written to redefine masculinity from a biblical paradigm, so that men would take on the image of Christ and not the image of the world. This world doesn’t need anymore “good men”. It needs mighty men.

The Real Gospel

This insightful but concise book delves into the life-changing revelation of the most basic and essential teaching of Christianity: Christ and Him crucified. Most people have no idea why Jesus had to die on a cross and what it means for them today. Most Christians have been taught a grievously watered-down gospel. Although this book addresses the most basic teaching of Christianity, it sheds new light on the power of the cross — a power that’s been hidden behind religious and cultural traditions for far too long.

Christ and the Church: The Untold Truth About Marriage

Marriage has lost its weightiness in our culture, and unfortunately, even in our churches. If marriage in Christianity is ever to become what it was designed to be, a complete understanding of its purpose must be recovered. Through “CHRIST AND THE CHURCH: THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE,” intended for singles and couples of all ages and stages of life, David Grams invites you to join him in the discovery of the true, biblical purpose and power of marriage, promising that such a discovery will transform your heart and revolutionize your relationships.

Worship Music

Made to be Held

An intimate, acoustic-driven worship album featuring poetic lyrics back by a melodic quartet of acoustic guitar, cello, piano and harp.


A raw and intimate worship EP album featuring acoustic guitar and vocals, with cello on one song. An album intended to express a communion between Jesus snd His Bride — the Church.