The Purpose of Marriage (Christ and the Church - Now Different Title, Revised)

The Real Gospel

Undefiled Discussion Guide

Use this resource to facilitate healthy and effective conversation around biblical sexuality, dating, and marriage. Get your questions answered and your heart established in the truth about sexuality!

Undefiled Small Group Package

This package includes five copies of Undefiled and two copies of the Undefiled Discussion Guide. Get this package to purchase the materials at a discounted price, ready for use in a small group.

Discipleship/Leadership Training Books

Discipleship Manual

Bring the healing of the gospel to your city with Valiant Impact Discipleship Training. This Discipleship Manual is an instruction resource for both individuals and small groups.

Overseer's Leadership Guide

Ideal for a person who is starting and/or leading a church, no matter how big or small…what he/she needs to know about overseeing a number of believers.

Discipleship Manual: Leadership Edition

Ideal for a church/small group leader looking for a concise presentation on how to make disciples from the position of leadership influence. Works well alongside the Overseer’s Leadership Guide.

Worship Music

Made to be Held

An intimate, acoustic-driven worship album featuring poetic lyrics back by a melodic quartet of acoustic guitar, cello, piano and harp. This album is also available on Spotify.


A raw and intimate worship EP album featuring acoustic guitar and vocals, with cello on one song. An album intended to express a communion between Jesus snd His Bride — the Church.