We’ve all heard the story of David and Bathsheba. It’s a story that’s commonly used in teachings on the danger of temptation. But I want to draw attention to a fundamental principle revealed in that story. It’s this: When a man steps out of purpose, he steps out of power.

“It happened in the spring of the year, at the time when kings go out to battle, that David sent Joab and his servant with him, and all Israel…But David remained at Jerusalem.”—2 Samuel 11:1.

When David stepped away to take a break from the purpose and call of God on his life, he became an easy target to temptation. Complacency led to idleness, which led to temptation and sin.

Men, keep yourself occupied with pursuing the call of God on your life. Right then, you will be protected from the dangers of temptation. But as soon as we get lazy, idle, and complacent, we make ourselves sitting ducks to the arrows of temptation.

Indolence was the first temptation that David submitted to, and lust came afterward. He lost sight of his purpose, and so lost his power over temptation.

As men, if we get lazy and lose sight of our identity in Christ and our purpose in this earth, we make ourselves incapacitated soldiers and give the enemy permission to ride over us until we’re too weak to stand. In a sense, complacency is more dangerous than lust, for instance.

Purpose of Man

When we stay focused on the call of God and are faithful to pursue His will, at times, we may fail. But we will still be empowered to rise again. However, if we abandon our mission altogether, we set ourselves up for a life of failure.

In every action, we ought to ask ourselves, “Is this a step away from the purpose of God, or a step in pursuit of it?” The answer to that question will determine success or failure in your Christian walk.

I do not know of a place more destructive to godly manhood than a place of lost identity and abandoned purpose.

Find your purpose, this may be it.