Undefiled: Rediscovering the Supernatural Power of Sex as God Intended It


Paperback, 215 pages


This book reveals the shocking, untold truths about marriage and sexuality contained in the overlooked pages of the Bible. In an exhaustive yet concise revelation, David Grams explains what the Bible really teaches about sex and why the Church has been getting it wrong for so many years. Porn, masturbation, divorce, promiscuity, homosexuality & the LGBTQ agenda...all these things are addressed in this book from a purely biblical perspective. But, above all else, the author praises the unrivaled power and beauty of sex in the covenant of marriage. The truths in this book will heal your perception of sexuality and redeem your experience of love and marriage back to what God first created in the Garden of Eden. Whether you're a teenager, single, dating, engaged, married, divorced or separated, you will benefit greatly from the teaching in this book. Listen to the corresponding podcast, also called "Undefiled," on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts!


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