The Secret Place of the Most High: A Biblical Guide to Intimacy with God


Paperback, 160 pages



We were created to walk in intimate fellowship with God. And life finds its only true fulfillment in such an intimacy. The Bible reveals this personal relationship intended by God from the beginning as the secret place of the Most High – a place of constant, personal communion with the Father. There’s nothing more critical to the Christian walk than a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In these pages, David Grams presents biblical guidance inspired by Psalm 91 regarding the attainment of the personal intimacy with God that every Christian desperately needs and desires.

Just as a husband and wife cannot maintain a successful relationship except by spending consistent time in intimacy with each other, a person cannot maintain a successful walk with God without intimacy with Him. Every famed character of the Scriptures, from Abraham to Christ, have one thing in common: a personal communion with God. Even the Son of God Himself had to depart from the crowds to be with His Father alone. If Jesus had to do it, how much more do we?

Great for personal reading and group study. Each chapter ends with a set of reflection questions.


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