Overseer’s Leadership Guide


Paperback, saddle-stitched, 80 lb gloss paper. 74 pages.



This “Valiant Impact Overseer’s Leadership Guide” is meant to be used as a study and small group resource for anyone who is starting and leading a group of disciples that meet in their homes.

Many Christians are familiar with the concept of a “house church”, but most see it as another small group, but with a slightly more familial interaction. What’s so great about house churches (meeting in homes), or doing discipleship in small groups? The way that they’re typically done today, they’re not all that great. However, the disciples in the book of Acts gathered most commonly in each other’s homes! Their house churches turned the world upside down! If we’re going to have their impact, we need to do what they did. When it comes to house churches, effectiveness begins with qualified leaders who know how to equip the saints. I wrote this book to help accomplish specifically that: to train leaders who will equip the saints like the apostles did!

*We do our best to keep our resources affordable, but printing is expensive! We appreciate your purchase, as it helps us to continue distributing our teaching material!


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