Gospel Tract (Pack of 25)


80 pound gloss paper, saddle-stitched, 14 pages



These tracts are 14 pages of biblical evangelism content that focuses on presenting the reader with a comprehensive gospel that will compel them not only to accept Jesus, but also to follow Him wholeheartedly. Most tracts are too short, lacking the scripture that gives someone the ability to make a fully informed decision about Christ. These tracts walk the reader through the whole gospel from start to finish, so that if they choose to give their life to Jesus, they know full well what they’re getting in to. The gospel in this tract doesn’t shy away from talking about repentance, the cost of following Jesus, the coming judgment on sin, etc., while also emphasizing the reward of salvation, from new life here on earth to eternal life in heaven. We highly recommend these tracts as a tool for street evangelism, but also for Christians to use as a training resource on how to systematically explain the gospel to people! Look at a few sample pages in the product photos.


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