Church – A Business or a Body?


Paperback, 144 pages



Although the ancient stories of Christ-followers are rich with miracles undergirded by virtue, the history of Christianity, as a religion, is laden with perversion and power-struggle. Is there a separation between Christ and Christianity? I think there’s a stark difference. Christ would not agree with most of the practices of both ancient and modern Christianity. And yet, people all over the world associate Christ with the failures of the Church, rather than with the standard of His life and teaching. Especially today, when people think of a church, they think of a building and a business, and with it, human ambition, greed, and corruption. Jesus called His church a body, not a business. A body that’s been exploited to serve a religious business is what we call prostitution. It’s unacceptable that the appearance of Christ’s church is one of perversion. And it’s a grievous injustice that Christ’s people are being coerced into the money-game of mainstream Christianity. Jesus said we ought to be known by our love, but instead, we’ve been stigmatized by our hypocrisy. Something must be done to change this. Something must be done to rescue the Body of Christ from the enslavement of religion. The Church in America needs a reformation, and the Bible shows us the road map. This book will expose to you the many perversions of the modern church and then show how, by the description of what God intended for the church, to escape religious trafficking and live into your true calling and potential as a disciple of Jesus! Have you ever wondered what Jesus really meant by calling us His body? His very own flesh and bones? Read this book and find out!


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