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About the Podcast

Valiant Ministries International Podcast is a weekly podcast releasing a new episode every Wednesday. It consists primarily of Pastor David’s teaching from Valiant Church.

More About the Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to equipping believers with the truths of their identity in Christ. David speaks to minister God’s love, to embolden Christians for a lifestyle of courage, to convict of the accountability of the Great Commission, and to emphasize the critical importance of personal intimacy with God, as well as the need for unity and integrity amongst believers. These teachings are available to edify you, inspire you, convict you, and strengthen you.

We highly encourage ministry leaders of all denominations and positions to listen to the podcast as well. One of the primary goals in the vision for VMI is to catalyze a reformation of the modern church. For this reason, we desire that ministry leaders hear David’s heart for the Body of Christ and learn about what God’s Word expects from churches and ministries today. You’ll notice very quickly that, according to the Bible, church methods and traditions need a drastic change. It’s time that we start conforming to God’s standards for the Body of Christ, and stop following man-made traditions.

Also included in this podcast as a focus of David’s teachings is the need for a revival of biblical masculinity. Every so often, David will publish episodes that are taught with a masculine perspective, as to speak to the hearts of men specifically. These episodes will be distinguished by the name, “Manhood Series” as a tag on the title of the episode. It’s David’s passion to reach the men of this generation, so please share this podcast with men in your life, so that they can also be encouraged by it.

The podcast is a great way for anyone, whether young or old, to connect with the ministry on a regular, weekly basis. We encourage any questions or comments to be submitted, which we will to our best to have answered in upcoming podcast episodes. When you subscribe to the podcast, you’ll have authentic, life-changing content at your fingertips; it will be a helpful resource to learn and grow in your identity in Christ.

In order for the podcast to benefit you most, we request that you tune in every week; a subscription and sign up will make it easier, as we will be sending out emails whenever new episodes are released. Also, we want feedback! If the podcast has had a positive impact on you, send us a review or give us a rating on iTunes. Even advice will be received. We want the content that comes from the podcast to have the biggest impact possible; we want it to change your life!

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