” ‘The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor.’ ” [Judg.6:12]

Reviving the endangered virtue

of biblical masculinity

Mighty Men of Valor is the men’s ministry of VMI/Valiant Church. We believe that God has a specific calling and anointing upon this generation of men.MMV (Mighty Men of Valor) is also a discipleship ministry of Valiant Church. 

More About the Vision of this Men's Ministry

We believe that there is a dire need for revival in the hearts and lives of our men today, and our men’s ministry is all about training up men of all ages to rise to their place of influence as men of God—mighty men of valor. It’s time that men learn to be validated and strengthened by who God says they are. Men are not called to be passive, but bold; fierce and not timid. They are called to be valiant and passionate for the cause of God and tenacious in the pursuit of accomplishing the will of God for their lives.

The definition of manhood has been perverted by the world, and most men today adopt their sense of masculine identity from the world’s twisted definition. The world is ridden with divorce, homosexuality, narcissism, pre-marital child birth, and abandonment, in large because most men are completely ignorant regarding the truth about masculinity. Therefore, it’s necessary that we redefine for our men what it really means to be a man, that they would reject the world’s definition and embrace the masculine identity that God has given them. The world is in desperate need of faithful husbands, loving fathers, humble leaders, and loyal servants of God. The world is in desperate need of mighty warriors in the army of the Lord. The mission of Mighty Men of Valor is centered upon raising up soldiers from the men of this generation, equipping and inspiring them to be the men of courage that God has created them to be.

MMV Discipleship Group

Once every month (on the 2nd Saturday of each month), men from Valiant Church — young and old, fathers and sons, teens and elders — gather together with leadership from the ministry to learn from God’s Word about His purpose for their masculinity. In addition, the group participates in varying, adventurous and daring activities to encourage growth in their bravery, endurance, leadership, and their God-given wildness. These activities include self-defense, sword-fighting, jousting, archery, wrestling, blacksmithing, capture-the-flag, survival skills, mountain-biking, hiking, fishing, ice-skating, camping, canoeing, etc.

We encourage fathers and their sons to be involved in MMV together, but will gladly welcome any young man, as young as 12 years of age, to join the MMV community in our pursuit of biblical manhood. If you’d like to participate, have a visit at Valiant Church (9220 Bass Lake Road, New Hope, MN 55428) and sign up at the welcome desk, or CLICK HERE to contact us and sign up that way. Also feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.