Exodus 15:3—”The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is His name.”

We know that God created us in His image. For this reason, we cannot forget that God Himself, being a Warrior who fought to save us from our sin, has breathed His war-like nature into us. We were created to be warriors, just as our Father in heaven is a Warrior.

When God created Adam, He commanded him to guard and protect the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:15). Immediately upon the completed creation of man, God commissioned him to protect what was entrusted to his care. The same goes for us. God knew, as He was forming us in our mother’s wombs, that He was implanting in our hearts a desire to guard and protect.

This planet depends on the men of God rising up to fight for the cause of God set before them.

Next time you get up in the morning and either go to school, work, or even if you have a day off, ask yourself, “Does what I’m about to do contribute to the accomplishment of God’s will for my life? Am I doing this for myself, or am I doing it to serve others?

We all have daily responsibilities. And often times those responsibilities don’t really seem inclusive in the will of God for our lives, when in fact, then have everything to do with the will of God. Every time you go to school, work, stay at home or hang out with friends and family, you have the opportunity to reflect the character of your Father and faithfully attend to your daily tasks with an attitude of being a commissioned soldier.

GOD is a warrior, and so are you.

God did not create you to be a warrior just so you could spend your days wishing you were more. Treat every circumstance as an opportunity to fulfill a task in your divine mandate to guard and protect all that God has given you.

Fight for your coworkers or classmates by representing Christ to them—be industrious, respectful, kind and loving. Fight for your friends by setting an example of Christ-likeness—don’t just follow the crowd; follow Jesus.

Never forget, your fight in life—whether you’re courageous or cowardly—will either positively or negatively impact those around you.

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