Hey guys,

This past Wednesday I released a new podcast episode, entitled, “Confronting LGBTQ—Part 1: The Counterfeit Identity”. In that episode, which I would highly encourage you all to listen to, I addressed the extremely sensitive issue of LGBTQ from a biblical perspective. The bulk of the episode was my instruction on how to approach the issue compassionately, and communicate the truth of God’s Word to people in the LGBTQ community graciously and lovingly. If you’d like to listen to the episode (ep. 28) use this link: valiantmi.com/podcast

With this blog post, I want to further address the issue by approaching it from a more masculine point of view. More than ever before, the virtue of biblical manhood is being ruthlessly attacked. The world has not only dishonored biblical manhood, but it has purposed to totally destroy it. More and more boys are being raised without truly masculine fathers, and thus, they grow to embrace a culture that has twisted the truth of a man’s God-given identity into a dangerously unstable and deceptive self-image. Tender boys are being raised in a polluted environment that has made them believe that their identity is a subjective, personal decision…not what it is in truth: an absolute and unchanging reality from God, who declares that we are “created in the image and likeness of God”. Because God is our Creator—our origin—only He can reveal the truth of who we really are.

A fatal mistake that we have made in today’s day and age, is that we have made the concept of identity totally subjective—based on personal feelings or opinions. We have made who we are dependent on internal imaginations, rather than external truths. In reality, your real identity is found externally…not internally. What I mean by that is this: only the One from whom we were brought forth can determine our true identity; we are the offspring of God, so only He really knows who we are. For example, if you want to find your family lineage, you have to start by finding out who your biological parents are, and who their parents were, etc. You can’t just arbitrarily decide your lineage; only the ones who conceived you can reveal your true ancestry. Similarly, as soon as you make your chosen self-image and lifestyle dependent on feelings and emotions, you are forced to repeatedly deny the truth. The truth never changes, and will always provide you with a clear picture of who you are. But feelings, on the other hand, are always changing, making it impossible to reliably determine what’s real.

My point is this: Your feelings are an untrustworthy source of information. But how does this apply to us today? There are countless confused young people around the world who have been told that they can be whoever and whatever they want, regardless of their biology or God-given nature. Our boys need the truth, but they can’t just be told it…they need a model of the truth to imitate. If they don’t have a model, they’ll lose sight of the external truth I’ve been talking about, and will consequently derive their self-image and sense of purpose from the unstable world around them.

The best thing that you can do is be Jesus to a young man. Why? Because Jesus set the standard for masculinity. He not only showed us what God in the flesh is like, but how we were created to live. Jesus was the perfect example of both the potential and the purpose of human beings. He also showed us what it’s really like to be secure in a relationship with God. He perfectly demonstrated the kind of joy and power that there is in belonging to the family of God—the family we all were created for. Just like us, Jesus had feelings, emotions, and temptations (Hebrews 4:15). But He didn’t live by feelings…He lived in perfect agreement with who His Father said He was, no matter what other people said, or what the circumstances looked like. He knew that God was the One who defined who He was, and so He lived by what God said. Period. Even as young as 12 years old, Jesus intimately knew that God was His Father—the One who defined His identity (Luke 2:49).

Everywhere Jesus went, He attracted people. People were drawn to Him; they saw something in Him that no one else offered. People saw God in Him; they saw the One they were created to know and love. People’s lives were completely changed simply by seeing how Jesus lived. And once they saw how He lived, they wanted what He had to offer. And He offered them life—the life they were created for—the life they had been looking for all along. Jesus was the embodiment of truth—a truth that never changes, always loves, and always provides stability in a world of mixed opinions.

All of us desire to belong…we all want to find our place—our purpose. And people need to see that purpose displayed in YOU!

“Be imitators of God, as dear children”—Ephesians 5:1

Be Jesus to someone today. If that’s something you struggle to walk out, spend some personal time with Jesus. Learn to be loved by Him, and you’ll learn how to love others. Let Him speak to you through His Word, and show you how to live—how to find that stability, security, and purpose that’s in the truth.

Also, make sure to listen to next week’s Biblical Manhood podcast episode. It’s going to be on this same subject. Thank you! Be strong!