Wanting to Start or Strengthen a Church? Consider CHURCH-FLIP

Here you’ll find helpful training and counsel to accomplish these things exactly. Whether it’s planting or reconstructing churches, such work is complex, and it requires biblical wisdom!

The Gospel is the MESSAGE

Discipleship is the MISSION

the New Testament is the MODEL

About this training

Discover the Bible’s specific instruction for building churches

Does your church need a healthy start, course-correction, empowerment, or reconstruction? The Bible provides you with a model! Learn how to transform your church into a prolific, Acts-based ekklesia that’s unobstructed by man-made, religious traditions!

What You Will Learn

Essentials of Planting and Reform

Exposing and demolishing harmful, human traditions of religion

The necessity of a scrupulous observance and face-value application of New Testament Scripture

The defining characteristics of the church in Acts and how to foster them in your own community

The biblical leadership structure of the New Testament and how to train and appoint biblical leaders

The ground-level discipleship methods of the Apostles and how to employ them today, to grow the church

The biblical method for receiving and distributing funds within the church

…and much more.

Resources included in the training, books by David Grams