ACTS-OLOGY School of Ministry

Acts-ology is a Bible-school and leadership coaching hybrid, inspired by the New Testament and the book of Acts, and specialized for aspiring pastors and church-planters, to help them overcome their uncertainties, practically prepare for pastoral ministry, and become strong, confident leaders that establish churches of mature faith and fruitful growth.

Applications Open for Spring Classes!

This is an intentionally small, specialized school. Only 20 spots left!

A Revolutionary Way to Prepare for Pastoring
  • It includes one-on-one coaching, not just classroom teaching. So it’s specifically tailored to you, your needs, and your situation. You’ll receive personal support and accountability for your own growth, not just an education.
Gain a Specialized, Practical Education
  • It’s condensed and optimized for practical ministry. Due to its practical focus, it will only teach you things that you will use constantly as a pastor or church-planter. There’s no fluff, no filler.
Uniquely Affordable and Efficient
  • It’s a fraction of the price of your average seminary, and…

  • It’s only 8-months time in length (the equivalent of two semesters), making it a fast-track to be fully equipped to plant and/or pastor a church.

Continued Support Post-Graduation, to Help You Launch
  • Additionally, after you’ve finished the regular program in the first eight months, you’ll receive monthly coaching support to help you further with implementation, as you actually walk through the process of planting or pastoring a church, if that’s what you choose to do.

Easy for Anyone's Schedule
  • Anyone can make it work with their schedule. The program includes only one group/class session once per week, in-person, and an additional online, one-on-one coaching session once per week. Twice per week is all!

What You Will Learn

2 Semesters,   4 Phases

Practical Theology

You’ll learn the doctrines of the Bible essential for helping people get saved and grow in their faith.

Leadership Character

You’ll learn personal, lifestyle habits for deep intimacy with God and exponential growth in Christ, as a leader.

Pastoral Relationships

You’ll learn biblical and effective methods for pastoring—nurturing, teaching, and protecting people.

Organized Community

You’ll learn proven strategies for planting churches and organizing people in a way that brings prolific, but manageable growth.

David Grams – Founder of Acts-ology School of Ministry

David Grams is a Bible teacher, local pastor, and church-planter in Minneapolis. He has authored fourteen books on a variety of biblical topics, and he is passionate about equipping leaders to strengthen the church and win the lost. He is also a husband to Allie and a father to two children, Adah and Kairos.

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Acts-ology is a branch of David Grams Ministries and Valiant Ministries International. All three operate out of this location.

9220 Bass Lake Rd. Suite 320 New Hope, MN 55428